How remove negative energy from home

Ways to remove negative energy from your home

Burning sage or palo santo is a traditional method for clearing negative energy. Light the sage or palo santo and let it smolder in a fireproof dish

Getting rid of physical clutter in your home can help remove negative energy. Donate or throw away anything that you don't need or love

Salt is known to absorb negative energy. Sprinkle a little salt in each corner of your home and let it sit for a few hours before sweeping it up and throwing it away

Letting fresh air into your home can help clear negative energy. Open windows and let in some sunlight to bring in positive energy

Crystals like clear quartz and black tourmaline are believed to absorb negative energy. Place them in areas where you feel negative energy or where you spend most of your time

Play uplifting music in your home to raise the vibration and bring in positive energy

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