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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Qavor Robots.Txt Generator

Robot.txt is a file that helps to read your website index to the URL crawlers. Before knowing the robot.txt, one must know about the URL crawlers. The URL crawlers can be defined as the spiders or bots that crawl into the websites and read the index and give the search result of the respective project. The main and important motive of these URL crawlers or spiders is that to index or to indicate the contents and titles of web pages from all over the internet. That is how the websites pop up in the result of search engines. The robot.txt helps the URL crawlers to read the index. It helps to eradicate the useless request and inconvenience on your website. You can control the crawling of unimportant URLs on your website. This is how a robot.txt works. Qavor robot.txt helps to index or inspect special and specific areas of your website. It controls the entry of unwanted crawlers to your website. Qavor robot.txt assists to index the private web pages too. These private web pages include any person or employee's site, any business site, etc. Qavor robot.txt also helps to index PDFs, videos, audios on your site. It helps you to get highlighted if you have special and specific content. It also helps prevent similar, duplicate, or fake pages from displaying in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Websites are vulnerable to risks and viruses. Extra requests or traffics can make your website exposed to viruses as well as hackers. Everyone has the full and equal right to protect their privacy and their property from stealers, hackers, invaders, and so on. In order to protect your website, Qavor SEO offers best tools that are important for your SEO or webpage. 

About qavor robot.txt
Qavor robot.txt provides instructions for you to create your file. You can add and restrict members, URLs, webpages, and vise versa of your own choice. It is totally up to you how do you want your profile or website to look like to the visitors. If you do not want to hide anything from anyone then it is totally up to you too. There are no restrictions or boundaries to hide or conceal your information from search engines. If you are comfortable with the crawlers to crawl and index your contents then nobody will force you to make a robot.txt file. Qavor robot.txt is legal to use. It is always legal to protect yourself or your websites from certain threats and dangers.  Robot txt file is also known as site maps protocols. These sitemaps display the pages that are allowed for the crawlers to view. This also helps to display the important pages to the bot crawlers that might be helpful to rank your website up in the Search Engine Result Pages. Robot.txt file also helps to highlight the main and specific information that can be used by serach engines to view and promote.
Importance of qavor robot.txt

Qavor robot.txt is a very important tool for SEO. It helps to secure the privacy of your website. It is really important to keep certain pages or files of your website away from getting crawled into. Without the robot.txt it is not possible to keep the search engines away from checking your pages. Say for suppose if you mentioned in your robot.txt that there are certain files that you do not want any URL crawlers to visit or check, the robot.txt will consider your website's privacy and won't let any invader intrude. That is how the crawlers cannot bring back your private information to the search engines. Robot.txt simply disallows the agent to access whatever pages you want to protect. You can create your robot.txt file and place it in the root folders. Make your file and allow the appropriate crawlers to check on your website. It also helps to rank up your website amongst the other web pages by giving special tips to the search engines. robot.tx files okay a vital role in the improvement of Search Engine optimization. Qavor Robot.txt is completely safe to use. If the crawlers refuse to get back from the restricted pages then the page will block it. Qavor robot.txt prevents your website from several requests and unwanted ads.

Benefits of Qavor robot.txt
Qavor, along with its other SEO tools, offers the robot.txt tool in an easy as well as convenient way. It is both a time and money-saving tool. It helps to ensure that your privacy would be safe and private. It helps to protect the sensitive information or pages on your websites to expose in the search engines. It is a kind of locked door that cannot be opened without the owner's concern. Robot text. the file is very important for organizations, businesses, associations, private companies, employees' profiles, social media accounts, and further similar web pages. If a company wants to hide certain pages, videos, or pictures from the search engines to reach or display, it can easily avoid it by using robot.txt on your website. Get your robot.txt file from Qavor robot.txt if your website hasn't one. Get it done as soon as possible because you have no idea what kind of viruses is your website vulnerable to. Robot.txt file also blocks the pages that are unnecessary or invading again and again to your website. You can select the crawlers access by creating your robot.txt file from Qavor. You can change or add pages, files, profiles, in the robot.txt that you do not want to be exposed. In simple words, we block people on Facebook whom we do not want to be showed or inspected.

Robot.txt file will ensure security as well as privacy of your website and also provides good results. It will protect your Search Engine optimization from getting hurt as well as low ranked. Do not forget to update your robot.txt files in case you make any changes frequently. Qavor robot.txt generator is a reliable source to protect your data as well as your website from unwanted visitors. Your privacy and security are all that matters to qavor robot.txt.