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IP address stands for Internet Protocol. It contains some numeric values and is unique for every device. An IP address is like a normal address of your device on the internet. It also provides the physical location of you. An IP address is a thing that helps you reach out the different websites. It acts as a major aspect in sending messages because if you are supposed to send a courier to your friend then you have to give its address to the courier company similarly if you want to send a message to your friend then it requires his/her IP address


Functions of an IP address 

It has two major functions

 1. Identifying its network interface: - It identifies its host and makes a path to reach out to it. Each device located in the IP network must have its unique IP address within that IP network so that it may easily be identified.

 2. Locating your device: - IP address helps in locating any device you would be seeing your IP address through above, this is also one of the major functions of an IP address.


Static and dynamic

Static IP addresses are for Emails or permanent home residents. Your internet service provider provides you with this type of IP address from the IP addresses available to it. These types of IP addresses might cost you extra.

Dynamic IP addresses keep on changing with time and it is assigned on a first-come, first take method.


What is IPv4? 

It is the version of IP address and it is the most used version of the IP in the world. In 1980, this version had a capacity of about four billion unique addresses. Soon even the four billion unique addresses proved to be less because of wasteful use by organisations and also due to the increase of users. This version is still in use but I think it will soon lose its grace because of technical advancements.


What is IPv6?

This is version 6 of IP. You can call this version a newer version but it also dates back to about 25-30 years. Although this change was much needed due to the increase in the size of IP addresses from 32 bits to 128 bits.

It was also needed to meet the needs of the unique IP address of the new users.


What is the future of IP?

In future, the IPv6 may get slower and lag for the ISP networks but the normal users and home users will still be using the IPv4 but it is definite that there will be a need for more unique IP addresses as the number of users and devices will definitely increase in the coming years.


Benefits of this tool?

  • You can figure out your IP address through this tool.

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