Mukesh Ambani launched its iconic beverage brand. Every Thing You Need To Know All About

Mukesh Ambani Campa Cola launched its iconic beverage brand. 

Mukesh Ambani is a billionaire businessman from India who serves as the chairman and majority owner of Reliance Industries Limited. A company that operates across various industries—interested in petrochemicals, refining, oil, and gas exploration, textiles, retail, and telecommunications.

 He is the wealthiest person in India. His net worth places him in the upper echelons of the global rich list, with an estimated net worth of around USD 90 billion as of 2021. Mukesh Ambani is known for his strategic business acumen and for transformation. Reliance Industries from a small textiles business into one of India’s largest and most diversified corporations.

A business owned by Ambani. 

  1. Reliance Industries Limited
  2. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
  3. Reliance Retail Ventures Limited
  4. Reliance Petroleum Limited
  5. Reliance Natural Resources Limited
  6. Reliance Infrastructure Limited
  7. Network18 Media and Investments Limited
  8. TV18 Broadcast Limited
  9. Viacom18 Media Private Limited
  10. Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Mumbai Indians

Why enter on beverage brand

Campa cola

According to a statement by Reliance Industries Limited, the launch of the Campa portfolio of carbonated beverages is part of the company’s broader strategy to promote Indian brands. They are in rich heritage and a deep-rooted connection with Indian consumers.

The company believes such brands are unique in their tastes and flavors and can resonate with Indian consumers’ preferences and sentiments. By leveraging the unique heritage and appeal of iconic Indian brands like Campa Cola. Reliance Industries Limited aims to differentiate itself from its multinational competitors and offer consumers a more diverse and localized product portfolio.

Beverage brand of Mukesh Ambani  

Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola

Reliance Industries, led by Mukesh Ambani, has revived a much-loved beverage brand after 50 years. It strives to diversify its consumer goods business and take on its rivals, Adani, ITC, and Unilever.

Earlier this year, Reliance Consumer Products Ltd, the consumer goods division of Reliance Retail, purchased a 50% stake in Sosyo Hajoori Beverages Pvt Ltd. A carbonated soft drinks and juice producer based in Gujarat. Before that, it acquired the Campa brand from Pure Drinks group for an estimated Rs 22 crore as it expanded its presence in the beverage market.

Campa cola of Mukesh Ambani  

Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola

Campa-Cola was a famous soft drink brand in India during the 1970s and 1980s. The Pure Drinks Group, the sole distributor of Coca-Cola in India at the time, launched it. Campa-Cola quickly gained a loyal following among Indian consumers and became the market leader in the soft drink segment.

The brand offered a range of flavors, including cola, orange, lemon, and grape, among others. However, the brand lost its dominance in the market with the entry of multinational giants like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. which used their vast resources and superior distribution networks to capture a significant share of the Indian soft drink market. He now owns the Campa Cola brand, which acquired from the Pure Drinks Group in 2019

Campa-Cola was a much-loved soft drink brand in the 70s and 80s; it lost its fizz with the arrival of global beverage giants like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, which dominated the market with massive advertising budgets and strong distribution networks.

According to a statement by Reliance Industries Limited, the Campa portfolio will consist of Campa Cola, Campa Lemon, and Campa Orange in the carbonated beverage category. The company plans to launch these products first in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and later expand their availability across the country in a phased manner.

Plants of Mukesh Ambani  

Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola

The Pure Drinks Group owned the Campa Cola soft drink brand and operated two bottling plants in Mumbai and Delhi. It produced and sold its carbonated beverages with the tagline ‘The Great Indian Taste. However, the company faced tough competition from multinational corporations like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo after the Indian government opened up the economy in the 1990s, causing a decline in its business and eventually closing its manufacturing plants.

Why Ambani entered the beverage brand 

Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola

The relaunch of Campa Cola is a strategic move by Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries Limited to expand their footprint in India’s fast-growing consumer goods market.

The company aims to offer its versions of various products, including soaps, shampoos, cookies, and carbonated beverages, to capture a more significant share of the Indian consumer goods market.

By reviving iconic Indian brands like Campa Cola and leveraging its extensive distribution network. Reliance Industries Limited hopes to offer consumers more options and strengthen its position in India’s highly competitive consumer goods industry.

Reliance consumer product 

Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola

Reliance Consumer Products Ltd (RCPL) has announced the relaunch of the iconic Campa Cola brand, which is being promoted as ” “The Great Indian Taste.”

This move aligns with Mukesh Ambani’s efforts to tap into India’s booming consumer goods market and establish Reliance Industries Limited as a leading player. With an extensive network of brick-and-mortar stores, Reliance Retail can leverage the growing demand for consumer goods in India and expand its portfolio of own-brands products. This includes Good Life, Best Farms, Snac Tac, Glimmer, Yeah!, and Sosyo.

By introducing new and innovative products that resonate with Indian consumers’ preferences and tastes, Reliance Industries Limited aims to consolidate its position in the Indian consumer goods market and compete effectively with multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Unilever.


Mukesh Ambani

A spokesperson for RCPL expressed their excitement about the relaunch of Campa, stating that they hope to inspire consumers across generations to embrace the iconic brand and ignite a new excitement in the beverage segment.

They added that older family members who have fond memories of the original Campa would cherish the nostalgia associated with the brand. At the same time, younger consumers will love the crisp and refreshing taste of the new Campa.

The spokesperson for RCPL stated that with the rapidly evolving Indian market providing more consumption opportunities, they are thrilled to reintroduce Campa as another bold move toward expanding their FMCG business.

The statement emphasized Campa’s 50 years of rich heritage and contemporary cut-through character, poised to offer Indian consumers ‘The Great Indian Taste’ this summer.

Marketing strategy of Campa cola

Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola
  1. Promoting a sense of nostalgia: RCPL is targeting consumer generations with the relaunch of Campa Cola. For the older generation, Campa Cola was a popular drink in the 1970s and 1980s and the relaunch is expected to bring back fond memories associated with the brand. RCPL is leveraging this nostalgia factor in its marketing campaigns to attract older consumers.
  1. Emphasizing the ‘Great Indian Taste’: ‘The Great Indian Taste’ is being marketed to connect with consumers’ pride in Indian flavors and ingredients. The brand is positioning itself as a distinctly Indian alternative to global cola brands, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.
  1. Digital marketing: RCPL is leveraging digital platforms to promote the relaunch of Campa Cola. The company has launched a dedicated website for the brand and uses social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to consumers.
  2. Rollout in phases: The relaunched Campa Cola is being rolled out in stages in different regions in India. The initial launch is focused on the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, with plans to expand to other parts of the country time.

Overall, the marketing strategy for the relaunch of Campa Cola appears to be focused on leveraging the brand’s heritage and unique Indian identity to connect with consumers and differentiate itself from global cola brands.

Consumption size in Campacola Mukesh Ambani  

Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola

The Campa range of beverages will be available in five-pack sizes to cater to various across the occasions of consumption. The smaller pack size is 200ml, ideal for immediate consumption, while the 500ml and 600ml packs are designed for on-the-go sharing. For larger gatherings home consumption, the brand is offering 1,000ml and 2,000ml packages. This wide range of pack sizes is part of the company’s marketing strategy to attract a diverse consumer base provide options that fit their needs.


Mukesh Ambani
Campa cola

The relaunch of Campa Cola is a strategic move by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries to increase its penetration into India’s rapidly growing consumer goods market. The brand, once a popular soft drink in the 1970s and 1980s, lost its market share to Coca-Cola and PepsiCo with the opening up of the Indian economy in the 1990s.

The relaunched Campa portfolio, which includes Campa Cola, Campa Lemon, and Campa Orange in the sparkling beverage category. It aims to promote homegrown Indian brands with a rich heritage with unique tastes and flavors. With Reliance Consumer Products Ltd bringing back “The Great Indian Taste”. With Campa, the company hopes to trigger new excitement in the beverage segment inspire consumers and generations to embrace this iconic brand.

The Campa range will be offered in five-pack sizes for other consumption occasions. It will initially be available in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana being across rolled out the country on stage.

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