How to Fix Google Voice Search Not Working

How to Fix Google Voice Search Not Working

Google Assistant is one of the popular AI. Most Android users refer to Google Assistance. Google Assistant has many features on your Android phone. You can open Google Assistant by saying Hello Google on your smartphone. You can do many things with this feature. Most Android smartphones have this feature. Your assistance recognizes your voice. However, sometimes this feature did not work for some users. I’m going to show you how to fix Google voice search not working problem.

You can easily solve this problem on your Android smartphone. You need to do the below mentioned methods on your Android smartphone without skipping a beat. If you want to search for a specific song, you can use the command “what is this song” in Google voice search. You can also call using a voice command. These features are very useful for some Android users. So you have to solve this problem. I’m going to show you how to fix broken Google voice search.

Update the Google app:

Maybe this broken issue is causing app errors. So you need to update the Google app. If you are using old version of Google app then you are facing this problem. So, I will show you how to fix the not working problem using the Google app update method.

  • First, open the Play Store app on your Android smartphone. Then select the Three dots icon in the left side corner.
  • Now select My apps and games from the list.
  • Next, scroll down and find the Google app in the list.
  • Then open the app and click on the Update option.
  • Now this app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone.
  • Then check the voice search. If this method does not work, try another method.

Disable power saving mode:

If you turn on the battery saver option on your mobile, sometimes you will face this problem. So you need to turn off the batter saver option. The battery saver option reduces the performance and functionality of your phone. I will show you how to disable battery saver on your Android smartphone.

  • Open Settings and scroll down to find Battery & Performance in the list.
  • Then open this option. After that, the Power Saver option will appear in the window.
  • Now disable this option.
  • If you can’t find this option, swipe down. The Notification Panel or Control Center will appear.
  • Then find the Battery Saver option in the list.
  • Next Disable this option.

Clear Google data app:

Maybe this problem is causing some errors. So you need to clear Google data from your phone. This method did not affect your Google personal data. I will show you how to clear Google data from your mobile phone. Follow my steps without skipping a beat.

  • First, open the Settings app and scroll down. Then find the Apps option in the list and open it.
  • Now open the Manage applications option in the list.
  • Next, enter google in the search field. You will see the Google app. Open this option.
  • Then click on Clear data at the bottom. Next, click Manage Space.
  • Now click on Clear All Data option.

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