How to Fix Google Lens Sound Not Working Problem

How to Fix Google Lens Sound Not Working Problem

Do you know about Google Lens? Most Android users are familiar with this feature. One of the best features in Android is the google lens feature. Because you can scan everything you see. You can use this for translation, unknown objects, etc. Google Lens will scan your camera and display captured images related to the image. So you can expand your knowledge using this feature. Sometimes this feature did not work in Android smartphones. I will show you how to fix Google lens not working problem on Android.

You can easily solve this problem using the following methods. The Google Lens feature is an important thing for some Android users. Many users develop their knowledge using this feature. If this feature is very important to you, you need to do the following methods. Check your smartphone camera before doing these methods. This is very important for google lens. I will show you how to fix Google lens not working problem.

Update Google Lens:

If you have google’s lens, you need to update the app. Because the latest version is the best version. It is very easy to do on your smartphone. Google lens app is really a free app. So you won’t pay for it. I will show you how to update google lens on your smartphone. Follow my steps without skipping a beat.

  • First, open the Play Store app on your smartphone. Then click on your profile and select My apps and games from the list.
  • Then scroll down and find the Google Lens app. And open it.
  • Now click on Update option.
  • Now your android device will update google lens app automatically.
  • After the update is complete, open this app. And check if it works or not.
  • I hope this method works. Many users have not updated their apps. If you update your apps correctly, you can ignore many problems.

Clear cache and data

If you use google lens a lot, your phone collects many errors. So you need to delete it from your android smartphone. Because bugs force stop your google lens app. It is very easy to clarify. You need to do the following steps on your Android smartphone. I will show you how to clear caches. You can also read the Clear cache article.

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone. Then find the Applications option in the list. And open that option.
  • Now click on the Manage Apps option in the list.
  • Next, enter lens in the search field. Then select the Google lens app.
  • Then click on Clear data at the bottom.
  • Next, select Clear Cache.
  • Then you have successfully cleared google’s lens cache.

Check the app permissions:

You need to check lens app permissions. Because enabling the camera is an important thing in Google’s Lens. If your phone is blocking the camera for the lens app, you can’t use this app. I will show you how to check app permissions on your Android phone.

  • First, open the Settings app and click on the Apps option
  • Then click on Manage applications in the list.
  • Next, enter lens in the search and open this application.
  • Now click on App Permissions option and Enable Camera option.
  • Now check the google’s lens app. It will work.

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