How to fix broken Google Smart Lock

How to fix broken Google Smart Lock:

Smart lock is one of the best Android features in smartphones. This is one of the features of Google. Most Android devices have this option. So you don’t need to download any apps. Some Android users are facing the problem of smart lock not working on their smartphone. You need to restart your phone before trying these methods. It is very easy to solve this problem. I will show you how to fix Google smart lock not working problem.

If you are using any unwanted app on your lock screen then you need to uninstall those apps. Because these apps will break your smart lock function. This problem is a big disappointment for smart lock users. If you are using the smart lock feature on your smartphone, you need to fix this problem. This feature makes unlocking your phone very easy. And this feature has security to unlock the phone. I will show you how to fix Google smart lock not working problem.

Disable and re-enable Smart Lock:

You can try this method. Sometimes this feature could not recognize your permission option. So you need to disable and re-enable this feature from your smartphone. I’ll show you how to do it on your smartphone. Follow my steps without skipping a beat.

  • First, open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  • Then find the Passwords & Security option in the list. And open that option.
  • Next, in this option, click on the Privacy option.
  • Now scroll down and find the Trust Agents option and open this option.
  • Now, if the smart lock option is enabled, disable the option. And enable this option again.
  • Then go to the smart lock option and check if the smart lock is working or not.

Update your smartphone:

If your smartphone has any errors, then this is the cause of your problem. So you need to update your smartphone. Because the new updates will remove the bugs of your smartphone. If you are using an updated smartphone, you can skip this method. I will show you how to update your smartphone.

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Next, click on the About phone option at the top of the options.
  • Then click on your version of the user interface in the list of options.
  • Now click on the Check for updates option at the bottom of the phone.
  • It will now automatically download and install on your computer.
  • Your smartphone will automatically restart after downloading this update.

3. Set high GPS accuracy:

All smartphones have a location function. GPS accuracy has three options in smartphones. If you need more battery life, you can use battery saver mode. If you want to unlock your phone using GPS, you need to set the GPS to high accuracy. I will show you how to set up high accuracy GPS on your smartphone.

  • First, open the Settings app and scroll down through the options. Then click on the Privacy Production option in the list.
  • Now in this option click on Location Information option.
  • Next, check if Location Access is enabled or disabled. If this option is disabled, you must enable this option.
  • Then set the High Accuracy option in the list. But this option consumes more energy.
  • Now you can set the smart lock option on your smartphone in a trusted location.

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