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Writing is one of the most pleasureful things in the world. People write their hearts out on paper so the world can have a better understanding of them. Books, blogs, articles, newspapers are the source of information and peace. Individuals learn better while reading than that of listening. Reading makes a perfect man and writing makes an exact man. The world is changing rapidly.

There was a time when people used to write on paper pages and publish their writings in the form of books, articles, or blogs. However, this culture has been very much replaced by e-books,  media, blogging sites, and so on.  People around the world want to have a soft copy of their favorite writings or writers. The E-book has approached almost every individual in the world. those writers that cannot afford to print their writtings take the provision of electronic books, writing websites, content writing, blogging, online articles, social media platforms, and so on. There are, without any doubt, many articles that have been written on the same topic. Every writer out there wants to write it in his way, in his method, and by his observations and experiences. To eradicate the complaint of plagiarism, many article websites are offering “article re-write”. So the person can change any article to his wish. Similarly, article rewrite is one of the main features of Qavor SEO tools.


This site is highly recommended if you want to rewrite any article. If anyone wants to rewrite his article because of certain reasons, he surely can. For students, who have to write different reports, assignments, articles and they have their hands full on everything, Qavor is there to ease up your load. You can pick any article that your report or assignment requires and paste it on the article rewrite session of Qavor, let the Qavor handle this for you. Your result will come in just a few seconds. You will have your own article and it will charge you nothing. The feature of Article rewriter is free of cost at Qavor.